Spring Break Open Gym!

Spring break is here! Take advantage of a fun evening with options to do some seminars/workshops and advance through some skills, and of course, lets eat some pizza at the end to celebrate!

   This event is open gym style, but we will be offering 3 seminars over the day for those interested in structuring their time for a fee.
$5 per individual seminar/workshop  $8 for 2 seminars/workshops  $10 for all 3 seminars!
3:30-4:30, is our bars workshop, we will be working on Safety, techniques, and then some fun ways to dismount using flips or other techniques. Beginners welcome!
5:00-6:00, is our vaulting workshop, we will be working on review of basics first, then go into more difficult vaulting techniques.
6:30-7:30, is our flips seminar, we will be covering, safety, bail outs, and be practicing front, side and or back flips.
Beginners welcome!

What to bring.

Water bottle(s).
We don't have a fountain, so please bring water bottle(s), we also have them for $1 should you need.
Athletic Clothes.  You have to be able to move well!
Good shoes. Shoes good for running. You can be barefoot but this can sometimes be painful especially for new people.
Energy.  Come prepared to burn some energy. If not just for open gym, then for the work shops, which will be quite tiring I imagine. 

March 30, 2018
Time: 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM
492 Kiwanis Lane, Unit D
Christiansburg, VA 24073 us
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Event Prices:
$10.00 - Open Gym
$15.00 - Open Gym + Seminar
$18.00 - Open Gym + 2 Seminars
$20.00 - Open Gym + 3 Seminars